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"Our" two car garage is neat and tidy with hubby's 1967 Chevy Impala convertible parked and a couple projects in progress, it is "haven"! My car and son's are outside on the car park. I don't mind in the summer but I told him he has to clean up all his projects before snow flies so I can park in the garage over the winter, too bad for son, he has to stay where he is.
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Originally Posted by knittingbec View Post
Wow, that's awesome progress!! And a cool car to put in your 3rd garage bay!

My car is in the garage, my husband's truck has been outside all summer (we're lucky to have a 2-car garage but there's no extra room for bikes etc. so it's just easiest to leave it out). But, we currently have about 4" of snow & it's still falling, so I know he'll be ready to clear his side of the garage & make room for his truck (hopefully it fits!)
Thank you! Haha! Yep
Wow... snow already! My daughter & I visited Alaska ages ago, and our friends that lived there didn't have room in their garage, so they had a warmer thing (?) on the engine so it would start.
Good luck making room! I'm sure he'll be happy to not need to scrap his car every time he wants to drive!

Originally Posted by joelsgirl View Post
We have a carport, but we also have a gate, so our car is rarely parked under the carport because it's too much trouble to pull it into the yard every day.

But when we are in the States, we always park in the garage because it's way too cold for me during the fall and winter and spring to go outside to a cold car.
I would imagine it wouldn't be as big of a deal to have a garage where you live now.
Going out to a cold car really isn't fun!

Originally Posted by jema View Post
We have a one+ garage that is my husbands work shop. Fortunately, we have a 40'x60' metal shed which houses five vehicles and lawn equipment. We have the same rule about keys, they have to go on hook by the back door. We play musical vehicles all the time and when the kids are home it's even worse.
Wow, that's a big shed! Hubby would love that, but we have such a small lot, it wouldn't work. I wish I had know about the key hook idea early on. It would be hard to get the boys trained on that now. LOL!
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