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Exclamation Macbook or iMac...?

Ladies, I need your inputs!

I'm thinking of getting an iMac to replace my 6-year-old Macbook as my main scrapping machine...I need a machine that can last daily use of Photoshop. I'm aiming for 10 years of use.. is it too ambitious?
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I've always scrapped on a desktop (PC) until recently when I bought my MacBook. I love the convenience of being able to take my work with me and scrap on the go. I've never had an iMac though, so I can't speak to the pros and cons of a MacBook vs. iMac.
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I love my imac. My first one lasted me almost 6 years and I've had this one for 2.5. 10 years is a bit too ambitious I think. With changes in technology who knows where things will be in 10 years. I try and hope for 5 when it comes to my computers imacs are way more affordable than macbooks though so there is that! I've wanted a macbook because I keep thinking how nice it would be to sometimes design etc but I can't justify that huge pricetag
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Yeah - I agree that 10 years is asking a lot. I've had my MacBook Pro for about 4 years, and it's starting to slow down, and I'm getting antsy for a new one. But, I'm not really ready for the money outlay yet, so this one's going to have to keep doing its job for a little while longer. I'm debating whether I'll get an iMac next time I buy something. I would love the larger screen, etc, but I'm used to being able to move around the house with my MBP, and I don't know if I can give that up.

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10 years is an eternity in tech years. Even six years is pretty ancient. If you never upgraded anything (OS, software, etc) maybe you'd get away with it but eventually you'd run into things not being compatible due to age. 10 years isn't realistic, in my opinion, especially when you're taxing it with a program like Photoshop. My Macs have lasted about 4 years with daily PS use and even then I saw a huge jump in speed when I upgraded.

As far as MacBook vs iMac, I could never give up my MBP because the portability is more important to me than a large screen. But I also have an Apple display that connects to my husbands Mac mini which I can connect to when I need more space. It's the best of both worlds but I definitely move the MBP around more than I plug into the screen.

Just to give you an idea, Mavericks is only compatible back to 2008 which 6 years. Older than that and you'd be out of luck: http://www.techradar.com/us/news/com...ake-it-1064310

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I love my iMac! The big screen, the fastness and the good stereo system, I love them all!
I've had mine for 3 years now, so far it's still doing great. The only thing I really miss is to be able to bring it with me when I travel home for holiday, because I can't scrap then... Though, I'd say, it's been great to be able to take a break from scrapping for awhile, I still miss it though...
I've never had a macbook and, to me, it's too pricey, because I mainly use my computer for scrapping, browsing and facetiming with my family, but, if I do have it, I'm sure I'll love it, too..., especially for the mobility
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I couldn't decide so I eventually got both...about 3 months apart! LOL I have my 27 inch iMac for everyday use and then hubby bought me a 13 inch MacBook Air to take on my scrapping get togethers!!!
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I have a 27 inch iMac, which I use for all my scrapping. I tend not to scrap or get on the computer if I'm out and about (I just use my phone), so I bought a refurbished Macbook rather than a new one, for work and whatnot. I really think 10 years is a bit of a lofty expectation, only because technology changes so quickly and things become redundant. But I'm sure you could upgrade it regularly, like I'm planning to do, to extend it's life.
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