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Default Photoshop Bridge CS3

Just wondering if any of you use Bridge for your photo/stash organizing, and how you like it. I've been using iPhoto, but since Bridge is integrated into Photoshop, I was thinking of switching my scrapping stash over. What do people think? Any tips for using Bridge? - it's new to me.

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I've played with Bridge a little bit, and it seems pretty easy to use. You can easily tag or add keywords to a set of photos (without actually moving them to a new folder). Plus, all of your "stuff" is already in there.... you don't have to add things like you used to with the PSE Photo Organizer.

I haven't used it for all of my pictures/supplies (just cause I haven't taken the time), but I love that in Bridge you can see the thumbnails of the PSD files that you can't see in Explorer. One of these days, I want to go through and spend more time digging around in there. I can see me using it a lot.
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I have tried it and gave up quickly...you can tag JPG files and PSD files, but you CAN'T tag PNG files. Bridge uses metadata for "tagging" and PNG files don't accept metadata because their format just doesn't have room for it. Plus I found Bridge really slow and cumbersome. I *do* use it, but not for organizing...I use it for quickly opening up files when I'm working in other Adobe products (especially InDesign).

Libby, if you're wanting to be able to see PSD files, there is a patch out there for Explorer. It works OK...you can see a thumbnail of the PSD at least, but you can't see a full preview in filmstrip mode. But, ACDSee shows PSD files as long as you save them right.
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I am also starting to get to know Bridge. I am starting to work for Suzette Allen, a photographer and the #3 teacher in the world when it comes to photoshop and that is all she uses. There are a ton of things you can do with Bridge once you get used to it. You can set it up to your preference and have the screen in a "mode" that suites you. You can arrange files how you want them, edit jpeg or raw photos from bridge. It is worth taking the time to get used to using to it. Then you have all your "stuff" within your reach in one program.
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I use Bridge for viewing and opening files (and I use the image processor all the time to sesize files), but not for organizing. I found all the organizing tools in Bridge were harder than those in ACDSee, so I just use that.
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The only time I have opened Bridge is when I accidently hit the button for it! I have no clue what it does!
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