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Default QOTD 12/19 Christmas Baking

I really love to bake during the Christmas season I bake different things like pretzel rolos dipped in white chocolate, cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies and we even baked gingerbread cookies for the first time and wow those spiced cookies are so delicious! Most of the time I bake with my 2 girls who love to bake too..

But like now I want to make real American chip cookies, maybe some of you have some favorite recipes to share...

But my real question of this day is, what do you love to bake most in the holiday season?


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I bake waaaaay too much during the holidays (but to be fair, I RARELY bake during the rest of the year besides birthdays). If I were to list all the cookies, sweet breads and other treats and talk about why we love each one we'd be here for days....(the list has 32 items on in, and that doesn't count the many many pies!!).... I am still plugging away at our list but I will have pics I can share on the weekend since it all needs to be done by Sunday LOL
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Oh I have a long list! I love to make traditional sugar cookies since the kids spend time with me in the kitchen decorating them! I also love gingerbread- one of my favorites is gingersnap cookie- with rasperry jam & then drizzeld with white chocolate! Another favorite I've made the last few years is hot cocoa meringues. This year we tried a couple new recipes: Dark Chocolate chocolate chip (I added a little bit of mint chips) and a lemon sugar cookie with homemade lemon curd in the center. They both turned out great & will be regulars in my holiday baking I imagine! I then package them all up & deliver the majority to our neighbors!

Lemon Curd Cookies
Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies
Hot Cocoa Meringues
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Oh, I'm not a baker... I can cook up a storm, but when it comes to baking, I just don't have the patiences for it haha! I leave all baking to my mom.
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I told my girls they will have to decorate cut out cookies with me forever! I love sitting at the table with them while we are all being creative. I made a double batch at the beginning of December and then went back and made a batch of chocolate sugar cookies, and they are almost all gone! We still have red, green, and chocolate covered pretzels, though. I guess I should finish off the baking with some chocolate chip. I use the recipe on the Nestle chip package.
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I used to bake tons.... but then felt bad after my sons celiacs diagnosis.... so I stopped.... Only recently have we found yummy GF cookie recipes!
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I really like to bake peanut butter kiss cookies, peppermint patty cookies & soda cracker crunch. Sometimes I will do shaped sugar cookies as well depending on how much time I have. Love to Christmas bake =)

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I do not love holiday baking. It is a source of great stress for me, but I do it every year because it's one of the few traditions we actually keep. We just bake sugar cookies in the shape of round ornaments (I gave up cookie cutters years ago) and decorate them with colored icing.
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I'm not much of a baker, only do a few recipes (low carb ones) b/c its almost impossible to find any in the local stores but would probably buy them if they were available or didn't cost a fortune (low carb goodies around here are very pricey).

I do bake a few cookies/bars at Xmas time. I always bake choc chip cookies and rice krispie squares (my hubs' fave). My hubs bakes his mother's recipe for jam-jam cookies. Then I try to find a few other recipes to try out.

This year I'm baking a couple of banana loaves and a big batch of cream cheese brownies (low carb recipes). We'll make choc chip cookies for hubs and Bailey and for gift giving to a few friends. For Jen and I, I will make choc chip cookies with no white flour or white sugar.

My desserts never look as pretty as yours do
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