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Default Current Reads... December

Our recent insane Nutcracker schedule left me with buckets of time to read during all of the endless rehearsals, allowing me to shoot past my 200th read for 2019!

One of my reading woes this past month was that I tried to read a couple of sequels to books I finished a couple of years ago and found myself completely lost! Like, who is this character?? Are they new? Am I suppose to remember what is currently going on? How could I have forgotten so much of the storyline/characters?? So now I'm not sure if I'll have to reread the first book in order to successfully read/enjoy the second. Has this ever happened to you? It makes me feel a bit senile! These are the two titles in question:

And here's what I read since our last check in. A few that really stood out for me this month were Crashing the A-List: I just really enjoyed the characters so much. The Bookish Life of Nina Hill: although I would have loved more development about Tom, and I felt it ended rather abruptly -it was a delightful read. Postcards for Songbirds was a wonderful surprise! And I discovered a new to me author - Elinor Lippman! I am now trying to work through her entire catalog of titles. I love her whimsical storytelling and lyrical characters! My hands down favorite read [maybe for the year!] was Calling Down the Hawk! I had no idea when I picked it up that it was a spin off for the Raven Boys Series and it felt like Christmas to be resubmerged in that world and to learn more about my favorite character [Ronan!!] and his family. Looooved this one so much!

As I've been plowing through my TBR list it's been great to revisit these book threads and add new titles/authors to my list. So thanks for sharing your reading adventures throughout this year! You're all a wonderful resource!!

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it never ceases to amaze me how much you read, I love it! ETA: That does happen to me all the time. I could not for the life of me remember some of the Harry Potter details even at this point.

I read a lot for me in Nov, 6 books!

This one was a bit predictable and too neatly layed out but it was a good story.

This one was another "good story"

Does anyone like this author? I have loved every book so far. This one was really good, too.

This was not the best and I found the main character to be a whiny, moron.

I enjoyed this one and enjoyed the witty sarcasm lol.

I always love her books, too. This was good

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A few things....
1. YES, my husband (who, prior to 5-7 years ago, had only read what was required of him!) read a book that I had read in the past & wanted to chat about it and I couldn't remember a thing. I told him that it's much easier for him to remember the details of the 5 books that he's read since high school than it is for me to remember 500+.

2. Books I've read this month:
Meh on this one... it was the "big library read" so I thought it might be worthwhile.

I did enjoy this one:

And currently reading (or perhaps re-reading?? I know my friend read this and I vividly recall it sitting on the porch, halfway through and still not sure if I've read it before or not):

and reading aloud to my kids:

and this one at bedtime because they say "no" to Harry Potter after dark, lol:

3. How are you getting the covers of your books in one spot? Wrangling them yourself or screen-shotting from good reads & cutting out the ones not from this month or...??
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Rebecca, my middle son said no to HP after dark in book 4; we stopped reading them, actually, because he said that every time he closed his eyes he saw Lord Voldemort. Poor guy!

Good idea on the Best Christmas Pageant Ever! I've been trying to find a book I can read to all three of mine at the same time over the next couple of weeks while my husband is out of town, and that is perfect!

I don't think I've finished a single book since our last check in, but I HAVE added a couple of books to my "currently reading" list. ; ) Maybe I'll actually finish a few this month.

And, yes, Loni, once I finish a book, I delete the contents from my memory; I just remember if I liked it or not. I read the first four Land of Stories books about a year before the fifth one came out, and even though I love that series, I've never finished it because I will need to re-read the whole thing before i continue, and I just don't have time for that.
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Love these threads!
Congrats on so much reading for 2019!!

Here are some of my recent reads:

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