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Default Ive never been more thankful for external hard drives!

My computer blew up last week, not literally, but it figuratively went kablooey.
I lost everything, well almost everything. The last time I backed up my photos was May last year, and my sd card in my camera goes back to October last year, so thankfully I only lost around 4 months worth of photo's.

ALL of my digital scrapbooking stuff resides on my external hard drive, and let me tell you I kiss it DAILY. I have never had anything printed and have 100's of kits (dont we all?) and the fact that after I lost almost everything, my digi scrap stash and layouts are all safe is just the biggest relief.

I have never been so happy to have an external hard drive...... but now Im kinda paranoid about something happening to it, so Im going to back that up too. Any suggestions??

Moral of this story... back up your stuff!!

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Thank goodness you had at least the scrap stuff backed up! Sorry about the lost photos though. That hurts my heart. lol.

I have everything backed up to a EHD and then AGAIN to another EHD. Which reminds me, I really need to update my backup. lol.
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I'm kinda a paranoid freak about house fires so I have everything backed up to an EHD but also to DVDs or flashdrives that are in a safe deposit box with my important papers at the bank (and yeah, I know the bank can burn down, but hopefully not the same night my house does).

If I've done a backup and haven't made it to the bank yet, the drive/disc goes into my purse, which goes next to my bed every night so that I have my car keys and wallet next to the bed to easily grab in event of a fire without having to search for it - grab and go. Told you I was paranoid about fires!
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Wow, glad you had so much backed up! How scarey.
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Whoa, scary! I can't imagine something happening to my photos and digi supplies! I'd be lost! (I have everything on a 1 TB hard drive that is backed up to a second 1 TB hard drive AND online through BackBlaze.)
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Just be sure to back up your EHD because they aren't fail proof, unfortunately. I use BackBlaze (used to use Mozy) to back up my EHD. Pretty much everything goes straight to EHD. I don't store stuff on my internal drive. I have some kits on there right now, things I downloaded in the past month but that's it. They will get moved shortly. What I'd really like is a second EHD to back up my first to.
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I know the feeling! My hard drive started clicking one day and then stopped working. Luckily I hadn't formatted my cards so I still had the past few months photos. I also just finished updating my backups to my ehds and backblaze. I only lost a few items that were on my hard drive but it was all reproducible.

After I got a new hard drive I spent a day organizing all my drives. I have my new ehd for photos, completed layouts and family info. Another older (2 years?) ehd that has all my design files and my ancient ehd that has my scrap stuff. Most of my scrap stuff is also on DVDs and everything is on backblaze. I think I have it covered.
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